What is the Belo Whitening Laser Treatment?

Yeng Constantino posted a YouTube video of her experience with the Belo Whitening Laser treatment it is in Tagalog for all you Filipinos out there.  Could this treatment be an option for you?

The Belo website states that the Whitening Laser is a revolutionary whitening treatment targets melanin deposit to effectively lighten skin and deliver a more even tone. Its breakthrough lasers are capable of safely and precisely shattering pigment without injuring the surrounding skin. The machine has an angel whitening mode is ideal for problematic dark areas in the body. There’s also a panda eye mode, which is specifically designed to lighten dark circles. It can also target spider veins and reduce facial redness.

What it targets:

Dark areas such as the underarms, groin, knees, and elbows; dark circles, melasma, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, visible pores, and unwanted tattoos; facial veins, redness


During the quick procedure, you’ll experience gentle warm snaps on the skin as the device is glided over the treatment area. There’s no downtime, but you may experience mild redness, which only lasts for few minutes.

Where can you find it?

Right now these types of whitening procedures and other surgical options are found in the Philippines in the Belo Clinic.  So you will have to travel there if you want the latest.  The good thing about it is that most likely it will be more affordable than in the States.

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