Doctor Gundry and Healthy Skin

Plant Paradox

In this video Doctor Gundry and his unique theory called The Plant Paradox goes over what you can do in your diet to promote healthy and beautiful skin. Here are some simple super foods you can eat for better skin.

  • Sesame Seeds – B Vitamins, for skin glow
  • Hemp Seeds – Zinc, for fighting blemishes
  • Basil Seeds – Protein for smooth skin
  • Flax Seeds – Protein for smooth skin
  • Kumqwat – Vitamin C, collagen, skin regeneration, less sugar
  • Kimchi – Enzymes and probiotics
  • Figs – Protects liver
  • Cloves – Anti-aging, polyphenols, similar to red wine

Check out the intriguing video below and purchase his book Plant Paradox for more information!

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