Male Parts Whitening: What is it all About?

Do you worry about your male privates color and are you looking for male privates whitening methods? Many Asian, Middle Eastern and African men often worry about their male privates colour. This fad seems to have started for men in Thailand, but more self conscious men are considering it.  This is why there is are a lot of male privates whitening methods that you can purchase now and right here.

If you constantly worry about the darker colour of your male privates and testicles, you may be happy to know that these intimate parts are often darker than the rest of the body. This may also be the case when your ancestors have dark skin. If this is the case, then your genitals would appear even darker.

There are many causes of dark male privates skin, one of which is a kind of fungal infection by a fungus known as Pityrosporon. However, in majority of cases, there is really no reason for darker male privates except for genes. If you observe that your male privates and testicles are darker than the rest of the body, it is best to consult a doctor so that there will be a proper diagnosis. If there is nothing wrong with you, you may need to know that your potential sexual partner may not find dark genitalia attractive. This is the reason why you should try male privates whitening, just like the other guys do.

Why It Happens

male privates darkening is actually not a cause for alarm, except if you have signs of a fungal infection in your genitals. It is actually common for your male privates skin to have a different colour than the rest of your body. There are even colour variations for male privates skin, and your male privates colour is actually dependent on your true skin tone. A darker male privates can actually make you uncomfortable or even embarrassed during intimate situations.

Male Parts Whitening Methods

There are only a few options available for male privates bleaching by a professional skin care specialist or a dermatologist. These specialists often do various methods to help address your issues in the genital areas. These methods include the following:

Retinol Treatment

Retinol or Vitamin A is an effective bleaching agent. This substance can treat acne, unclog skin pores, reduce fine lines, boost collagen production and enhance cell repair within a month. However, some men may have sensitivity to this substance, so that it is available only through prescription.

Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is the use of lasers to promote cell turnover and lead to lighter skin. However, the process can be painful


Microdermabrasion is the sloughing off of the topmost layer with abrasives such as chemical substances or microbeads. Again, this process can also be painful.

Topical Male Parts Whitening Creams

Topical male privates whitening creams are actually an ideal option for many men who want to do male privates whitening in a painless, easy and cost-effective way. With male privates topical creams, ointments or sprays, you don’t have to visit the doctor and feel embarrassed.. You don’t have to be absent from work just to visit a clinic. The procedure can be at home in a discreet manner without anybody even knowing about it.

There is a lot of male privates whitening creams, lotions, ointments and topical sprays on the market nowadays and majority of them contain safe and natural ingredients. They are especially for male privates whitening and come with less risk for side effects such as pain, irritation and scarring.

What Topical Treatments Can Do

The skin of the male privates may have uneven skin tone and discoloration which can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for you. If you want to even out the skin tone so that you don’t have to turn off the lights when you are with your partner, you better start looking for that male privates whitening cream now.

male privates whitening creams and lotions can even out the skin tone of the area in your male privates for only a few weeks, if you use it daily. Most of them do not contain any harmful ingredients and are safe to use near the genitals.

In choosing good male privates whitening cream or lotion, choose the one without hydroquinone. This substance has a greater potential for harm and many countries in Europe ban its use.

Also, before you use a penile whitening cream on your skin, test it first in a small area preferable at the back of your ear or your forearm then wait for 24 hours. If there is no irritation, swelling, redness and itching that occurs within 24 hours, you may proceed to use the cream or lotion.

Male Parts Whitening Products

Here are some male privates whitening products that you can try:

Pink Privates Intimate Sensitive Area Lightening Cream

male privates whitening

Pink Privates is a lightening cream for the private area which boasts to get rid of skin discoloration fast. It is specially formulated for anal bleaching, vaginal bleaching, nipple bleaching, scrotum bleaching, male privates bleaching and dark underarm bleaching. This product can deal with all skin types and is free of hydroquinone. It is also unscented.

Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum 

male privates whitening

Amaira intimate lightening serum contains Kojic acid and glycolic acid from sugarcane which are natural substances that can lighten skin. Again, this does not contain hydroquinone and instead contains plant-based treatments like Mulberry, Liquorice, Bearberry and Orchid Extract to brighten, repair, and protect your skin. When used according to instructions, this creamy gel will not cause any irritation. It’s completely natural and safe for sensitive skin in intimate areas. Results can be as early as 6 to 8 weeks.

Body Action Anal Bleaching Gel

male privates whitening

Body Action Anal Bleaching Gel is for use by individuals who want to lighten their intimate areas such as the anus, underarms and genital areas. It is safe for use in intimate area skin by both men and women. It’s also hydroquinone-free.

LoveBite Private Parts Brightening Cream

male privates whitening

This cream contains plant-based ingredients such as kojic acid. It is hydroquinone-free and you may use in the underarms, vagina, anal area, scrotum, male privates, face, hands, chest, knees, elbows and other sensitive areas.

Shouhengda Pink Private Essence Intimate Lightening Cream

This cream can claims to reduce melanin production and also has moisturizing effects. It should be used morning and evening after cleansing.

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    This has been an ongoing cause of embarrassment and anxiety for me. My penis and scrotum are much much darker than the rest if my body. The skin tone on my penis is very uneven, and it has a dirty and unclean look to it despite me cleaning regularly. I am too embarrassed to let anyone see it – and do not like looking at it myself. I need a way to make it whiter and fairer – any ideas?

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