Knowing Kojic: The Benefits and Side Effects of Kojic Acid

Kojic Acid

Kojic Acid Benefits and Side Effects

There’s a lot of whitening soaps that are well-known in the market. And for people who wish to have lighter skin, the arrival of kojic acid soap is a dream come true. But have we been wondering how these soaps are made and why they are effective? Let us dig deep as we explore the wonder of kojic acid soaps.

Kojic acid is present in substances like the residue from a fermented rice wine from Japan way back in 1989 and it was also discovered from other substances as well. Scientists also say that it is from soy, rice and selected grains that are cultured and prepared under humid conditions, but most of the world’s supplies come from mushrooms. Since its discovery in Japan, they call it Koji since this is a common name of the compound in this country.

Did you know that: kojic acids were introduced back in 1955 when a Charles Pfizer and Company tried to manufacture it as an organic acid; they were successful but not for commercial use until its discovery in1980 by the cosmetic industry.


Where To Find Kojic Acid Soaps?

Amazon offers legitimate kojic soaps and other kojic products like:

Kojie San Skin Lightening Kojic Acid Soap 

* Whitens Skin and Exfoliates
* Skin Lightener
* Deep Cleansing
* Heals and repairs

Kojie San Whitening Face Cream

* Reduces Skin Blemishes
* Lightens Skin
* Reduces Dark Spots
* Skin Moisturizer

I know for sure that a lot of online shops will offer these products and it’s our responsibility to make sure to buy the legit products from reputable companies that are in close monitoring by The Food and Drug Administration for our safety.


Is It Safe?

The CIRE, or The Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel, claims that Kojic Acid Soaps are safe for cosmetic use because of its 1% concentration however, some individuals may still suffer from side effects.

Side effects may be Contact Dermatitis; it’s the redness, itchiness, irritation, rashes, pain and swelling of skin. This is very common for those who have sensitive skin or it can also caused by frequent use or more than 1% concentration of kojic acid products and it’s advised to discontinue using it.


Benefits of Kojic Acid-Based Products

Primarily, the use Kojic Acid will lead you to the lighter skin; lighten visible sun damage and scars and it can also use an anti-aging active ingredient.

Not only that, it has an antimicrobial ingredient that can help fight most of the common bacterial strains like acne-causing bacteria. It has also antifungal properties that may help prevent both bacterial and fungal infections on the body and can be useful in treating fungal infections such as athlete’s foot.

Kojic acid also has antioxidant properties which means that it has the ability to prevent or limit the effects of free radicals that damage the skin cells. It can protect against free radicals that are air-borne particles that cause oxidative damage to the skin cells that results in the formation of aging and oxidation of skin cells.


How Kojic Acid Does Works?

Experts say that Kojic acid is acting on the tyrosinase enzyme as an inhibitor that reduces the skin’s ability to produce and synthesize melanin which determines the color pigmentation of the skin.


How Long WilI It Take Kojic Acid Soap To Work?

In an average, as per Optiderm, it takes about 2-3 months to fully give visible results. However, this will still depend on the color and type of your skin. People who have darker skin will have to wait longer compared to with the lighter ones.


How To Use Kojic Acid Soaps?

1. It’s advisable to rinse your face with water first to open pores and to remove dust particles before application.
2. You can wash it like how you regularly wash it with favorite facial wash products.
3. It will take some time for your skin to adjust to it so it can be irritating at first.
4. To rinse it, you can use cold water.

And for optimum result, dry your face and apply an oil-free water base moisturizer to protect your skin from irritations which can also lead to peeling. Also always apply sunblock especially if you expose yourself to the damaging effects of UV light. It’s best to wear a sunscreen that has at least SPF 30.


Pros and Cons When Using Kojic Acid Soaps

-Check the content of the soap, common kojic acid soaps will be 1-2% Kojic Acid potency.
-Be patient for it will take few weeks for best results.
-Use it on a regular basis and for maintenance use, it will be 2-3 time a week.
-Store kojic acid soaps properly in a closed dark container.

-Do not worry if you experience redness and itchiness, tightness and skin peeling; this is really how the soap works.
-Don’t mix it with other skin lightening soaps especially retinoid or any other chemical peeling
-Do not expose yourself too long to the sun without sunscreen.
-Don’t put kojic soaps in sensitive parts of your body and in any open wounds.

My take away: It is very important that we take ourselves with care and there is nothing wrong if we get some help from cosmetic products like kojic acid soaps. We just need to make sure that we go the authentic products that will not compromise our skins.

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