Glow With Glutathione: Can Glutathione Really Whiten Your Skin?

Glutathione Skin Lightening

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is also known as γ-L-Glutamyl-L-cysteinylglycine. It is a peptide that contains amino acid. This peptide has one molecule of L-cysteine, one molecule of Glycine, and one molecule of L-glutamic acid. These molecules are often found in food. Inside the human body, glutathione acts  as an important anti-oxidant. This anti-oxidant is often found in fungi, animals, plants, and even in some bacteria. It is also found naturally in the liver and in meats, fruits and vegetables.

Glutathione plays an important part in many processes that occur inside the body. These processes include making chemicals and proteins that are used in functioning. It is also to boost the immune system and to build and repair tissues in the body. This product is also useful in cell repair.

Glutathione is able to counteract drug and metal poisoning. It can also prevent damage within cells. This damage is often caused by reactive oxygen species such as peroxides, heavy metals and free radicals. Glutathione also prevents oxidative damage that may be present in the skin. It may also protect the skin from UV radiation. This substance eliminates internal and environmental stressors that create free radicals. These free radicals can often cause the formation of dark spots and skin damage. Recenty, it can also lighten skin. This was the finding of some researchers who used glutathione in large doses.


Glutathione can whiten skin because of the following reasons

  • Glutathione inhibits the formation of melanin. This is through stopping the chemical L-DOPA’s ability to interact with tyrosinase, an ezyme used in melanin production.
  • It inhibits the actual production of melanin by interrupting  L-DOPA function
  • Glutathione stops the enzyme tyrosinase by binding with copper within the enzyme’s active site
  • It stops the formation of peroxides and free radicals, which activate tyrosinase and lead to the formation of melanin


Glutathione is able to treat these conditions

  • Glutathione prevents memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.
  • It is able to treat and prevent cataracts, glaucoma and other eye problems.
  • Glutathione can treat and prevent cancer, AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • It can help with liver disease and hepatitis.
  • Glutathione can help prevent heart disease, high cholesterol levels and osteoarthritis.
  • It is also helpful in skin photo-aging.
  • Glutathione can help prevent cystic fibrosis.
  • It can help treat Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.
  • Glutathione helps treat lung disease in people with HIV/AIDS.
  • It can help prevent asthma.
  • Glutathione helps prevent atherosclerosis. This is through decreased clotting and improved blood flow.
  • It helps treat infertility in men.
  • Glutathione helps treat anemia in people who are on hemodialysis
  • It helps prevent diabetes.
  • Glutathione helps prevent the progression of Parkinson’s disease.
  • It helps prevent anemia in kidney patients who are undergoing hemodialysis treatment.
  • Glutathione helps prevent kidney problems after people have undergone Heart Bypass surgery.
  • It helps in reducing some harmful side effects of chemotherapy treatments for cancer.


Here are some of the popular Glutathione products in the market today:

Met Tathione Whitening Soap With Glutathione and Alpha-Arbutin has powerful lightening agents and soothing natural moisturizers. This product contains double-strength Alpha Arbutin and Glutathione. It offers your skin some protection from further damage.  Some signs of aging may also fade away after long term use.

  • This product contains Algatrium, a powerful antioxidant available. By preventing DNA degeneration inside the skin cells, it reverses the visible signs of skin aging. It boosts the body’s natural glutathione production and reduces melanin production.
  • It also contains Alpha-arbutin, a natural plant substance that lightens the skin
  • The soap also has Soybean extract to soothe the irritation caused by breakouts. It also stimulates the production of collagen that is already present in the skin.
  • It contains Ubiquinone, a substance that prevents cell damage from environmental toxins.

Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream Whitening Pore Tightening SPF50+PA has a confusing teenage-girl package but is not your typical teenage stuff. This product contains powerful, clinical grade Glutathione. It also doubles as a sunscreen, while also protecting you from further damage caused by the sun’s UV rays. This formulation from Cathy Doll guarantees that your skin will be spot-free and bright.  This product contains a reducing form L-Glutathione and SPF50. Its whitening ingredients with high-definition UV protection quickly penetrates the skin layers fast. It also brightens your skin to ward off heat, and it also delivers a cool feeling that minimizes dryness. With natural plant extracts and plant-based Opti-blend, Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream provides high permeability. The ultra-soft formula can hide skin imperfections and widens pores instantly as it protects your skin.

One customer says: “I love this sunscreen. It can cool you down when you try to put it on. It can also lighten my skin especially in the areas of my face. My skin was not even after summer vacation. I also like to drive a lot and I even like the smell of it in my skin.  We think it works because I had seen some of its results. However, it often takes a month or so to see its benefits….A little goes a long way with this wonderful sunscreen!! I have fair skin, and I feel that a lot of sunscreen (even name brand) don’t fully protect my skin. This sunscreen has much better quality (not so thin), so I can feel that it really protects my skin. I also don’t have breakouts from using it, which is a plus for me already!!”


MET Tathione Soft Gel Glutathione Capsules with Algatrium is a product that is from Japan. It delivers great skin whitening results in as little as two weeks. This product has a reduced from of Glutathione and the antioxidant Algatrium. This product can whiten skin three times its usual skin color. It removes harmful toxins, protects the body from the free radical damage and strengthens the immune system.

Active Ingredients:
  • This product contains reduced Glutathione at a concentration of 200mg
  • It contains 100 mg of Algatrium
  • This product contains 15 mg of Vitamin E is also available in this product at 15mg concentration
  • It also contains 160.9 milligrams of Olive Oil.
  • Fish Gelatin is also present in the product at 137.3mg

Here’s what a customer has to say about the product.  “This product is good, yet expensive. I really like its effects. I have tried it and it can whiten skin and can also treat menstrual problems.”

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