From Green to White: Green Papaya Soap for Whiter Skin

Green Papaya Skincare

“Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life” – Renée Rouleau.


Facts About Green Papaya

I would like to share the benefits that we are getting if we use green papaya soap. Did you know that green papaya is more beneficial than the ripe one? Here are the nutritional benefits that you’ll love in using Green Papaya Soaps.

Vitamin A,C, and E: beauty vitamins because they’ll serve as antioxidants also.  Antioxidant is a substance such as a vitamin C or E that removes potentially damaging oxidizing agents in a living organism;  it  inhibits oxidation, especially one used to counteract the deterioration of stored food products.

Minerals are substances that form naturally in the Earth.  Green Papayas are rich in minerals in comparison to its ripe form.

Proteolytic Enzymes: green papaya contains papain capaine and chymopapain are that are protein-digesting enzymes which will turn proteins into amino acids which means that they help in digesting the dead, darker skin cells of the body.

Why is enzyme important? These enzymes aid in exfoliation. Green papaya fruit  is abundant with protein-digesting enzymes and that explains why unripe papaya extract or its fruit bit is present in exfoliative skin products such as facial soaps, masks, creams, and scrubs. The role of enzymes is to break down dead skin cells and  to reveal the new skin underneath.


Awesome Green Papaya Products

Who would have thought that a nutritious and delicious fruit like PAPAYA can be used as the main ingredient to make an effective whitening soap that can fight acne and pimples and some skin allergies?

It is also very interesting to know that this amazing fruit called papaya or papaw, a native tropical fruit from some part of Central America and some part of Mexico is not only rich in vitamins but also has an antioxidant that is good for our skins.  On my list are some of the best selling products made with green papaya fruit or extract sold in Amazon and other major stores.

Enriched with green papaya enzyme, Silka Whitening Herbal Soap Green Papaya helps eliminate dead skin cells for smoother, clearer skin. It moisturizes while exfoliates, making the skin look smooth, and clean. Use regularly to achieve younger-looking and fairer skin.

Silka Skin Whitening Green Papaya Lotion contains green papaya extract which is known to make the skin a couple of shades lighter. It contains betahydroxy acids (BHA) which help exfoliate the skin in removing dead, darker skin cells, revealing newer, whiter skin cells. It  contains vitamin B3 which is known too to whiten skin.

Other Usage of Green Papaya Soap

Stain Remover

Use papaya soap on stains since it scrubs certain types of stubborn stains out of fabrics and this why Harald W. Tietze wrote a book called “Papaya: The Medicine Tree” because it is effective particularly in loosening and removing stains that are high in protein, such as blood.

Insect Sting Pain Reliever

It can clean insects bites, according to “1,801 Home Remedies” by the Editors of Reader’s Digest. Green papaya is an alternate treatment to provide relief to the pain and itchiness from insect bites if the wound is applied with a bit of meat tenderizer mixed with water. It will break down the toxins that cause pain, itching, and swelling. Simonsohn states that cleaning wounds with papaya soaps will bring relief.

Skin Lightening

Papaya soap may lighten skin. Though clinical verification is not yet there, there is visible evidence that green papaya soaps can cause skin lightening with regular use.

Always keep in mind, that there might be negative effects on using green papaya soaps.

Traditionally Green Papaya Soaps can make our skin look fair. However, there are some green papaya soaps that contain different ingredients like hydroquinone or mercury that are potentially dangerous. It is a must that we consult an expert or dermatologist because while we enjoy the results it may also cause negative effects.

Ochronosis is not so common but it is a possible side effect. In general, this is with long term use which can cause discoloration of the skin and dark spots. If this happens, we recommend that you see a dermatologist. In a worst case scenario, it may cause skin cancer and problems with the adrenal glands.

My take away: Products like papaya soaps will always be available for people like us who wishes to have a lighter skin and I don’t see anything wrong about it for as long as we are cautious and careful on finding the right product for our skin.

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