How to Use Papaya Soap: Daily Skin Whitening Ritual

How To Use Papaya Soap

Daily Skin Whitening Ritual

What is skin whitening?  It’s a bit of a controversial subject, but for people with darker complexions such as in Asia and Southeast Asia it’s all the rage.  New products are coming out that lightens the skin tone such as soaps, serums, pills and even intravenously.  In this article, we learn how to use papaya soap for skin whitening.  Watch out companion video below, and read on!

How To Use Papaya Soap

Step 1 – Preparation

It’s best to start this before you sleep, since whitening your skin will leave you vulnerable to the sun.  Pull your hair back away from your face using a headband for preparation.

Step 2 – Cleanse

Use a light cleanser to remove dirt, oils, makeup, sunscreen and all the build-up from the day.  A good light cleanser you can use is Dermologica Special Cleansing Gel, a small amount rubbed between your hands and all over your face is soothing and cleansing because it lightly removes impurities.  It doesn’t feel strong at all, but it’s doing work.

Step 3 – Apply Papaya Soap

Rub papaya soap all over your hands, and apply evenly over your face and neck.  The benefit of doing this over your sink instead of the shower is that you won’t waste so much soap down the drain.  A very popular papaya soap used in the Philippines is Likas Soap.  It is so popular that they need a holographic sticker on the box to protect against copy cats.

Step 4 – Just Wait

Wait for a few minutes or until you start feeling the chemical peel.  Be careful on this step, if you see redness or itching you may be allergic to papaya soap.  In that case you might want to try alternatives such as salicylic acid or kojic acid.  It is expected to be a little uncomfortable because it is essentially a chemical peel, if you are sure you aren’t allergic, then leave it on you 2-3 minutes until it starts feeling dry.

Step 5 – Wash Off

Wash off the papaya soap completely.  Be very careful of your eyes.  Lightly towel dry.

Step 6 – Moisturize

Your skin is now vulnerable to sun light because a very small amount of pigment (melanin) is reduced.  Hopefully you won’t need to go outside anymore and it’s time for bed anyway.  If you had to go back in the sun, you might make things worse and all your hard work would be for nothing.  If it’s feeling a little dry put on a light night time moisturizer like this one from Korea called Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Cream.

Step 7 – Sleep

Get some beauty sleep, you deserve it!

Step 8 – Repeat

Repeat this daily or more as long as you are not exposed to the sun.  It may take up to 3 months to see results, but if you are not seeing anything significant by that time, you can try another product.  Remember that you must apply sunscreen or use a fancy parasol sun-umbrella every day, even on partially cloudy days.  Your lighter skin is delicate, and one sunny day can ruin months of work.  Here is a cute sunscreen you can try from Japan called PUCCA LOVE EDITION Hello Sun Cream SPF 50.


Final Words

Skin whitening takes dedication, if you follow this ritual everyday you can get a achieve a lighter skin tone, but results may vary.  If you are Indonesian, Filipino, Thai, Bangladeshi or Indian then you have skin that tries to protect itself quickly with melanin, so your best bet is to just stay out of the sun and use the daily skin whitening ritual.  For darker skinned people this can get you a lighter shade.   Going to the beach is out of the question, this is your sacrifice!  Please browse this site for more tips.  I wish all of you good luck in this journey  🙂

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