Go Natural with Skin Whitening: Likas Papaya Soap

Papaya Soap

Papaya is a fruit that grows naturally in several tropical and subtropical climates. The fruit contains an active enzyme, papain, also known as papaya proteinase which is present in soap to break down certain proteins in the skin hence exfoliating dead skin cells. Papain-based soaps are in the market as papaya soaps and can bring about whitening benefits due to their enzymatic content. Papaya soap popular for skin whitening properties usually contains ingredients such as water, glycerine and papaya causing the skin to lose pigmentation.

The main reason behind is the papaya fruit or papaya extract which contains papain an enzyme that makes skin softer and lighter. Regular use of papaya soap can cause mild skin lightening. Papain does not chemically lighten the skin but by exfoliating away outer layers of skin that may have sun damage or are tan. Similarly, when papain is used in a soap, it dissolves the dead skin cells on the surface of your face, making it useful as an exfoliant which reveals your healthier skin cells.


Papaya Soap Skin Exfoliation: Pros and Cons

A lot of consumers prefer products made with natural ingredients. Papaya soaps could be a popular choice if you’re looking for a natural skin lightener that is not entirely from synthetic harmful chemicals.

Papaya soap works because the papain enzyme slowly exfoliates the top layer of skin, removing dead layers and inhibiting melanin. After continuous use, it brings softer skin and lighter complexion.

Papaya based soap has exfoliating properties that are beneficial in getting rid of dead skin cells and rejuvenating flaky and dry skin. This is due to papaya soap’s papain enzyme which can hasten up skin protein breakdowns when with water.

Unlike other whitening soaps, papaya soap does not leave deposits or residue on the skin.

Aside from skin whitening, papaya soap can be used to treat acne. It is an effective acne treatment when for the face or on other acne prone body parts. One of the primary causes of acne is the tendency for dead skin cells to clog the skin pores. The excess sebum oil and dead skin cells accumulate inside hair follicles and can cause a pimple to form. Through manual or chemical exfoliation the problem will have a solution.

To moisturize your skin, papaya soaps usually contain an emollient such as palm oil. As the papain removes the dead skin cells, the emollient softens new layer of skin, giving it a clearer complexion.

Papaya soap could fade the appearance of scars over time. Since papain has been used to remove the outer layer of skin from wounds and ulcers. It slightly lightens freckles and dark spots.


My Conclusion: Thumbs Up!

When concentrated, papain does appear to have some ability to give the skin a lighter appearance over time because of its exfoliating properties. With long-term use, it could gradually fade dark spots and give skin a healthier glow.

Skin whitening with the use of papaya soaps does not happen overnight. It varies from individual to individual users should be patient with the results since it could take long wait time and repeat use.

It is advisable to use papaya soap regularly to prevent white skin from reverting to its original color. Look for papaya soaps with a higher percentage of papain since it results in a faster and more long-lasting skin lightening.

The skin lightening effect of papaya soap is not permanent.  Only continual use will ensure that skin remains lighter.

As it has an exfoliating effect, apply moisturizer.

Papain contains latex. People who are allergic to latex should avoid using products made with papaya extract, as they may have severe reactions to it. Do not use during pregnancy since latex may trigger premature contractions in pregnant women.


My Top Pick: Likas Papaya Skin Whitening Herbal Soap

How to Tell if Your Likas Papaya Soap is Real?  The packaging should have the Superbrand Award hologram  on the front side of the box. It should have a seal or look like it was never opened or tampered with. The soap should be orange in color and have the carving of the brand symbol that is present on both sides of the box.


Likas Papaya Skin Whitening Herbal Soap is the first Filipino pure organic herbal soap.  It contains Papaya enzyme and tropical herbs to whiten the skin.  For a clearer and finer skin complexion.



  • Sodium Palmate
  • Purified Water
  • Sodium Palm Stearate
  • RBD Coconut Oil
  • Sodium Palm Kernelate
  • Papaya Extract
  • Vitamin C


  • Could darken skin if there’s an excessive exposure to the sun after use.
  • Could cause extremely dry skin.


Here’s a customer review on the product: “What do I think? For more than 8 years of using Likas Papaya Skin Whitening Herbal Soap, I must say it is effective on giving you the natural fair skin but it did take me awhile to see the results and I did not achieve that extreme whitening and snow-white like dream of mine, I actually tried using the soap again when I was 26, but instead it just made my skin darker, a lot of people had been noticing how I became darker because while I was using it I was also exposing myself to the sun, which made me sensitive to sunlight. TIP: Wear high SPF or avoid exposing yourself to the sun. Do not forget to apply a good moisturizer because it makes the skin feel tight and dry.”

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