Perianal Bleaching: How to Do It Effectively

In today’s modernized and advanced technology, individuals now are free to try something new and different such as perianal bleaching; however, some may be sceptical particularly, when in terms of personal care and grooming.  People are curious as to what products to use to make them show off some skin.

For some, the problem is the dark spots around the perianal area. They just want to get rid of that dark spots!

Perianal Bleaching

The process of  whitening the perianal area to lighten dark skin is called bottom bleaching. This evens-out skin tone to the surrounding skin. The process may be either in an office or clinic. It may be by a medical practitioner or by the user herself or himself. The purpose why individuals are doing this is because they want to have more confidence showing off their intimate area and enjoy sex exploration with their partners. Also, they felt cleaner and comfortable down there.

Where It All Began

Perianal bleaching was from porn stars and actresses in the year 2004. It was a speculation that they were the first to have undergone this whitening procedure. This is because they were showing off their private parts performing multiple sexual positions for adult films. The rise in pornography and the popularity of Brazilian Waxing gained awareness.  People began to notice that the area around their anus was darker and that there were several ways to whiten it.

Is it Safe?

Bleaching products may contain hydroquinone, with prolonged use that can thicken collagen fibers, resulting in a spotty skin appearance.

Another substance that bleaching products may have is mercury, a known carcinogenic, strips skin of its natural pigment with excessive use. Prolonged exposure to either hydroquinone or mercury can cause skin cancer, poisoning from mercury, and failures of the liver and/or kidney. Perinal bleaching may also cause chemical burns to those who have very sensitive skin.

Some dermatologists say that bleaching can be more dangerous and not safe to use. The use of unclean spas (which is unsterile) during the procedure where the intimate body parts are may increase the possibility of getting an infection or worse, herpes genitalis. Also, bleaching may potentiate problems such as strictures, where the perianal opening become smaller, irritation and burning sensation during bowel movements. Some may have scarring even if it is by a medical professional. The whitening of the dark spots or pigmentation in the area is not permanent, so recurrence of the discoloration will eventually come back after some time.

However, there are bleaching products such as azelaic acid which are less toxic, but they can still reduce melanin production and increase the potential for long-term skin complications.

What is the safest method for perianal bleaching?

You can do perianal bleaching at home using topical creams and gels available in the market. Here are the steps to follow in applying bleaching products:

First, properly clean or shave the perianal area. Second, make sure that the area does not have any wounds or cuts. Third, apply the cream or gel on the area until it is completely absorbed by the skin. And lastly, continue the application everyday for two to three weeks until the desired results are visible.

Are there other methods for perianal bleaching?

There are several methods for perianal bleaching. The most common are the following:

Consultation with a dermatologist

It should be but proper to ask for advice from a skin specialist about any discolorations or dark pigmentations on the private parts. The alteration of skin color in sensitive areas is different from the rest of the skin in the body. This is why topical creams are available by prescription of an experienced dermatologist. The cream mostly used for the treatment of dark pigmentation is Azelaic acid, while some may contain an ingredient called Tretinoin, a type of Retinoic acid that helps whiten dark areas. Some dermatologists may advice you to undergo certain procedures in the clinic, while some may propose that you do it at home using prescribed treatment.

The use of over-the-counter topical treatments

There are several over-the-counter perianal bleaching creams containing hydroquinone which you can use. However, there are reports of serious risks with excessive use. Another bleaching product may contain kojic acid, which is considered as a carcinogen and is not proven effective for use.

The use of laser technology

This method is mostly offered by several skin clinics and some skin experts for the treatment of skin discoloration in intimate areas. Laser treatment procedures take more than 3 sessions to achieve the desired results, however, the outcome is permanent. The procedure is often painful, and it requires local anesthesia prior to treatment. Also, there is risk for scarring and a burning sensation after the procedure, which is uncomfortable and painful. Apply icepack to the affected area to lessen pain around the anus.

Use of Intense Pulsed Light Machine

 Similar to laser therapy is the use of intense pulse light machine for perianal bleaching. This reduces dark pigmentation of the skin around the perianal area. It is less effective and may cause scarring, blister formation and a burning sensation. To achieve the whitening effect you like, it needs to be performed several times.


 Cryosurgery is the recent alternative form of skin whitening which is also for pain relief treatment. This whitens dark areas around the genitals and the anus as it has minimal risk of scarring. Liquid nitrogen destroys the melanin cells around the area which then a new layer f epidermal cells regenerates and the new skin cells are more light in color. There are side effects such as blister formation, pain and headaches due to nitrogen effects  in the therapy. Individuals with superficial pigmentation achieve much desirable results, as effect of cryosurgery depends on the depth of melanin pigmentation.


Here are some products available for perianal bleaching:

Intimate Lightening Serum

This award-winning combination of powerful ingredients will give you lighter and brighter skin. This whitener will fix dark spots, blemishes, and discoloration with long-lasting results. Made in the USA from natural ingredients in an FDA-licensed facility, we never use any Parabens, perfumes or dangerous chemicals like hydroquinone

XR Brands Perianal Bleach with Vitamin C and Aloe

anal bleaching

This product improves skin tone and helps to correct excess pigmentation. Vitamin C contains powerful antioxidants which encourage cellular renewal. It contains natural ingredients such as soothing aloe, ginseng, and green tea extract

Secret Bright Hydroquinone Free Natural Intimate Whitening Bleach Gel Cream

This product brightens skin while you soothe, soften and condition. Natural moisturizers and antioxidants condition skin and prevent irritation. It corrects excess pigmentation caused by tanning, hormones or hair removal. Get an even skin tone as it fades blemishes, birthmarks, age spots and scars.

SkinPro Intimate Zone Lightener

anal bleaching

This product claims to brighten private parts by up to 5 shades with its advanced medical grade lightening solution. It works faster than any other skin brightener and lightens the bikini zone and posterior region.

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